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About Gradous Rifles

I build highly accurate, safe, and reliable rifles that offer a unique combination of performance, quality, and value.

It's reasonable to expect that anyone considering the purchase of a rifle costing several times what you might pay for an immediately-available, off-the-shelf gun at a sporting goods store would like to know what to expect for their investment of time and money. I say that because my disappointment with some of the custom rifles I purchased is one of the things that motivated me to learn how to build my own.

The warthog logo is a trubute to my humble beginnings as a pig farmer. After starting with hogs, I spent over 20 years in a farming career that eventually led to a multi-state custom harvesting business with customers from Florida to the King Ranch.

In 1995, I was able to leave the farming operation to focus on my passion for accurate rifles. I earned an apprenticeship by sweeping a gunshop floor for a year. Two and a half years later, I'd learned the fundamentals, and I purchased rifles from the top builders in the country to learn what they did differently. I spent two more years developing my metalworking skills and theory until I felt comfortable that I could equal or exceed the work of those that I most admired.


First of all, I really don't like surprises. Especially in the field. I often build rifles for people with very limited time to enjoy them, and I do expect my guns to be enjoyable. If you're using high-quality factory ammunition, like Black Hills, you should expect groups that are extremely consistent, and near the practical performance limits that the caliber will allow. You should also expect easy and reliable feeding and extraction, and a safe, but light and crisp trigger.

You should expect me to take the necessary amount of time to ensure that your rifle is built properly. I respect and appreciate that the decision to purchase a custom firearm represents a considerable investment of time and money. I build approximately 50 guns per year, and when I say I build them, I do mean that I build each and every one. Because of this, I do not guarantee build times.

I do guarantee your satisfaction with my work.


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