Component-supplied Rifles


There are very few things in life that provide the satisfaction of receiving and inspecting finely crafted components for your own project.

Whether it’s a custom engine, or a custom rifle, it starts with imagining the perfect combination of these components to be meticulously assembled into your vision of perfection. The anticipation builds as components are determined, and orders are placed, often with specialized craftsmen that occupy a niche measured in numbers you can count on one hand – literally, the best in the world.

Then, they arrive. Whether you’re fortunate enough to hear the unmistakable sound of an express-delivery truck rumbling up your driveway, or you’re tortured with the anxiety that comes from arriving home late to see whether or not that box is waiting for you on the table, there are not many things that can make you feel this way.


So, the box is there, and you carefully cut the tape to open it, revealing the raw beauty of impeccably machined metallurgical perfection. It can be awe inspiring to closely inspect the intricacies, to feel the weight, and to see how it will match your other components.

Frankly, my attraction to this experience is one of the primary reasons I was originally attracted to gunsmithing, and it continues to be one of my most satisfying motivations to continue the pursuit of perfection in rifle building.

So what’s the point of sharing all of this with you, a prospective client? It’s just that, “sharing.” I think it’s hard to fully appreciate the finished project without this experience, and the good news is that I can share it with you.

How it works: After consultation to determine a component list and recommended suppliers, the customer orders, receives and inspects the components. When all of the components have arrived, they are shipped to Gradous Rifles for final machining, assembly, and finishing.

If you have some of the required components, but not the complete list provided in consultation, I can complete the build for an additional charge. Please note that repairs and/or partially-completed builds are not considered component-supplied builds.

Action: Component-supplied build packages are based on Surgeon actions. Other premium custom actions are not out of the question, but they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Builds on “factory” actions (Remington, Winchester, etc.) will not be considered, as the time required to blueprint and true them outweighs the small initial investment in a superior action, like Surgeon.

Barrel: Match grade barrels from BartleinBroughtonKrieger

Chamber: most standard and Ackley-Improved

Trigger: Jewell or Timney

Stock: Bell & Carlson MedalistH-S PrecisionMannersMcMillian

Feeding system: Badger Ordnance H-S Precision DBMSurgeon, Remington ADL or BDL

Finishing: Gradous finish of your choice

Price: Starting at $1,500.00*

Accuracy guarantee: 1/2 MOA or better

Adjust additional mags for feeding $35 each

Inlet stock for floor metal $175

Barrel Fluting $150 straight $185 spiral

Re-inlet barrel channel $75


If inletting or machining of parts is required, additional costs will apply.