Gradous Premium Hunting Rifles

My philosophy about hunting rifles is simple. They should provide confidence in the field, and a sense of pride when displayed. I build them to be reliable in field conditions with accuracy that would shame many “target” rifles.

These rifles are based on the phenomenal Surgeon integral actions, and carefully-selected premium components are used throughout. Paired with obsessive attention to fit and finish, this helps me achieve the smooth, solid feel you expect, and looks you can be proud of.

Accuracy guarantee: 1/2 MOA or better on .338 Lapua, .338 Norma, and on calibers up to .30.

Action: 591 with standard bolt face or 1086 with standard or magnum bolt face

Barrel: Match grade barrels are selected based upon availability from Bartlein, and Krieger. Available with finished lengths up to 28″ in #3, #4, #4-1/2, #5, #5-1/2, and Remington Varmint tapers.

Chambers: Available in any standard chambering.

Trigger: Jewell HVR

Stock: Any hunting or tactical stock from McMillian or Manners that will accept the contours above. Includes front and rear sling swivel studs. Other options available for additional cost.

Floor Metal: Choice of H-S Precision, Remington ADL or BDL, Sunny Hill, or Surgeon DBM for reliable feeding and tactical or traditional flush-mounted looks.

Finish: Cerakote H-Series – The most durable and reliable finish I have found.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Swarovski optics, rings & bases
  • Muzzle brake – Vais muzzle brakes are my only recommendation: $225.00 installed.
  • Barrel Fluting $150 straight $185 spiral
  • 5-R rifling $35.00
  • Extra magazines adjusted to fit your configuration

Pricing for standard models :

  • Short action rifles built on Surgeon 591: $5,350.00 (Short magnum calibers available at additional cost)
  • Long action rifles built on Surgeon 1086: $5,450.00