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Swarovski Z6 3/4 view Obviously, my primary focus is building complete custom rifles, but I am also able to offer a limited number of optional services. Several of the people who have purchased full-custom rifles from me first hired me to perform accurizing jobs on their factory rifles.


Accurize factory rifle $375.00 plus shipping

Accurizing packages vary from gunsmith to gunsmith, but I have found the following procedures produce excellent results for the investment of time and effort. In most factory rifles, this will yield a significant reduction in group size.

  • Glass or Pillar bed stock with Marine Tex
  • Recrown
  • Adjust or replace trigger
  • Lap lugs (if headspace allows)
  • Lap scope rings for alignment
  • Clean bore and inspect with borescope
  • Clearance all fasteners and components
  • Function testing
  • Clean scope

If you're interested in an accurizing job, and think you may consider metal refinishing or adding a muzzle break, I strongly suggest you do it at the same time. Sighting-in with factory ammo is also available for an additional $75.00.

Re-barrel factory rifle $300.00 plus parts and shipping

I strongly suggest having your action trued before rebarreling. This is the ideal time to do it, and the benefits of doing both are much greater than re-barrelling alone. Re-barrelling includeds the following:

  • Disassembly
  • Installation of barrel
  • Lap lugs
  • Reassemble
  • Function testing
  • Options available at additional cost:
    • Action truing by Gre-tan
    • Replace trigger

Metal Finishing

I offer single-color metal finishing services on most bolt action rifles for $270 and two-color finishing for $300. This includes:

  • Disassembly
  • Surface prep
  • Application of premium metal finish (your choice of Cerakote or KG products) in purpose-built spray booth and ovens
  • Re-assembly
  • Function testing

Metal Finishing - Component prices

  • Coat single small component (e.g. bolt body, pair of rings and bases, floor metal, barrel only, magazine, etc.): $50
  • Glass bead complete rifle: $75
  • Glass bead barrel: $40





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