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Supposedly, there are highly-talented people that can build works of art in a dirty garage using rusty pipes and hand tools...

...I'm not one of them.

I require a clean and organized work area, and I need the best tools I can find.

I've invested heavily in tools that will allow me to eliminate needless variables, and achieve exacting results time after time.

My shop was designed and built specifically for building rifles, and I feel that it's truly a state of the art shop that's ideally equipped to allow me to produce exceptional rifles.

work area of shop features mill and Haas CNC latheBehind the Hass CNC lathe, the blasting cabinet is isolated in its own room. This keeps abrasive dust out of the work area.

The dust collection system and compressor are located outside of the building to further minimize noise and dust.

A second lathe is outfitted with a temperature-controlled lubrication system that forces fluid through the barrel at a high volume.

This provides many advantages including flushing out chips, enhancing the finish of the chamber and throat, and keeping the work at a constant temperature to allow for much more accurate measurement during machining.

I use a smaller lathe for making posts and spacers so this one can stay set up for barrel work.


<empty>The biggest downside I've noticed about pressurized lubrication is the noise caused by the pump.

This led to the first (small) shop expansion.

Machining is an art, but I see it as a performance art that has to result in a precise outcome.

I'm not an aerospace machinist, I'm a simple craftsman that understands the dynamics of every part I work on.

I know what they are designed to do, and I carefully consider the physics they will be subjected to in operation.

Yes, some people fit actions with a Dremel. I just think the mill is a bit more precise.
This is as close as it gets to mass production here.
Organization saves time.
Outside view of paint boothOutside view of paint booth

Inside view of paint boothInside view of paint booth.

(This is also a group shot of the entire production team)

Finished parts curing in oven Finished parts curing in oven



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