Tactical XL

The Tactical XL is designed for those who need maximum power and range.  The most prolific chambering in this category is .300 Win Mag, but there are a few other popular chambers that offer distinct situational advantages.

Chambers: 6.5 X 284, .284 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag

The price does not include optics, but it does include your selection of the following top-of-the-line components:

Action:  Surgeon 1581 XL repeater action or Stiller Tac 338

Barrel: Match grade barrels are selected based upon availability from BartleinBroughtonHawk Hill Custom, or Krieger, and are available in an MTU contour with a 1.350 inch cylinder section diameter.

Trigger: Huber Rem 700 Trigger (Single or Two-stage), Jewell, Trigger Tech, Timney (no additional cost).

Stock: Manners Tactical or McMillian A-5 or M40A-1

Floor Metal: Surgeon detachable with Accuracy International box magazine.

Metal Finishing: Cerakote

Price: $5,750.00

Please consider the top of the line components INCLUDED in this price when comparing to other custom builders’ base price.

You may substitute the following premium components for a small additional cost: