The Gradous Rifles Experience

NOTE: More details to come soon, but we are expanding the scope of what we used to call the “Gunsmithing Class.”

To offer a more relevant experience, the focus will no longer be limited to building a rifle.

Many people have told me that they would benefit from custom-tailored sessions to help them be as proficient as possible with their new rifle.

This may include topics such as scope fitting and adjustment, tuning a hand load, or any number of topics relevant to making your experience with a new rifle – whether you build it yourself or not – as rewarding as it can be.

Please contact us for information if you are interested.

In September of 2008, I made an effort to gauge interest in a precision gunsmithing class. To say the least, the response was tremendous. Since that time, we have had several well-satisfied participants, and we have decided to offer additional sessions to meet the demand. Initially, the class was limited to tactical builds, but has now been expanded to include hunting and varmint rifles as well.

The concept is simple. You build your own Gradous rifle with hands-on instruction, guidance and assistance from a master gun builder.

We provide the finest components, a state-of-the art shop, and comfortable lodging in an on-site cabin. We’re located close to a regional airport, and can provide pick up and drop off to simplify your travel planning.

These classes are designed for average shooters, not gunsmiths. Even if you have never attempted a gun build before, you will be totally comfortable in this class.

We normally enroll one participant at a time for a three to four-day session.

This is a unique and rewarding experience that will teach you what it takes to build an accurate, safe and reliable rifle. You will leave with a your favorite new rifle and a satisfaction not found in the normal process of ordering a custom rifle.

Obviously, I must eliminate as many variables as possible in the build process to keep these classes as successful and rewarding as they have been. For this reason, rifles built in the class are limited to the standard models available on this website. Please understand that in the limited time-frame of such a class, we simply can not receive, inspect and qualify non-standard parts.