As many know by now, we lost Robert on Monday, July 6.

The Gradous family would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love surrounding this tragic loss, as it’s a lick that’s hit many of us in the deepest parts of our souls.

In the wake of Robert’s passing, it’s natural that customers want to know a timeline for parts return.

This is a situation that requires strict (Federal and ATF) adherence to a litany of rules and policies and laws that the family has to work through first.

As a timeline develops, the family respectfully asks for patience from customers, understanding it is the family’s wishes to handle returns as expeditiously as possible.

It has been erroneously reported online that Jon Slagle will be responsible for completing all outstanding work.

Jon is a more than qualified individual to complete builds with results expected of a Gradous rifle, but no determination can made about any of those matters until the ATF clears the family on protocol, and it will ultimately be the customers determination as to what will happen beyond any legal directives from governing authorities.

This has caused Jon undue inconveniences and general confusion all would rather avoid if at all possible.

For new work, Gradous Rifles recommends the following:

Accurizing, bedding, long range and hunting builds- Jon Slagle
Big Game – Jered Joplin (American Precision Arms)
Hunting- Collier Rifles (Joe Collier)
Fluting/ general superior rifle work and stellar customer service- Matthew Stewart ( Stewart Rifles)